`The School We`d Like` project

For the first 2 weeks of term Class KB, along with the rest of the school, set to work on completing `The School We`d Like` project. This is a national project run by the Guardian newspaper. They worked in small groups to come up with an idea to improve the school with a budget of £5000.

Once the children had reached a decision on their final idea, they presented all of their work in the form of a PowerPoint to the rest of the class. Mrs Pritchard, Chair of Governors, joined us to judge which group would represent Class KB in the whole school assembly. The group who had the most viable idea, supported by accurate research and justifications, were Yellow Group. Please see their PowerPoint below:

The school we would like KB

A huge well done to ALL of the groups in Class KB who have worked so incredibly hard over the past two weeks!

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