Streatley Day 1

At this time we drove to the youth hostel which is where we will be
staying until day 5. This took us about 1 hour and 25-35 minutes. It
wasn’t very exciting but that’s normal.
At this time we unloaded all the luggage and sat in the lounge and had a
small chat. After that we all headed off to Didcot Railway Museum.

At this time we were at Didcot railway museum. Here there were loads and
loads of trains and train tracks which were all very fascinating (which I
think is everybody’s opinion so a basic fact). First we went for a hike
down beside the train track. Then we went into the engine shed and split
up into different groups to look at different things in the shed. First we
went to a steam train to look how the engines used to work. First you put
the gears into first. Then you pull the regulator up and down and blow the
whistle so people know you’re coming. After that we went and looked at all
the trains. There were side tank, saddle tank, well tank and pannier tank
engines. After that we had a big talk about how transport was used before
trains and how trains were invented, also how trains got faster over the
decades. Then we had some lunch which was lovely, (as usual). After this
we went over to the far end of the site. We met Mr Brunell and he talked
to us about how he built his own train track. At about 3:10pm we did lots
of sketching of things around Didcot railway museum. After that we headed
back to the youth hostel.

At this time everybody paraded to the classroom to study. We studied
(except the dinner monitors who left at 5:40pm) until 6:00. Afterwards we
headed back to study again until 8:00.

8:00 onwards
At this point we got ready for bed.
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