Holes: Chapters 35 – 40

Holes Chapter 35
Holes Chapter 36
Holes Chapter 37
Holes Chapter 38
Holes Chapter 39
Holes Chapter 40
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Holes: Chapters 31 – 34

Holes Chapter 31
Holes Chapter 32
Holes Chapter 33
Holes Chapter 34
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Holes: Chapters 29 – 30

Holes Chapter 29
Holes Chapter 30
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Daisy has been busy!

Holes Homework

What particularly stands out?

Stanley was sent to a camp for something he didn’t do. Stanley and Zero were connected by the actions of their grandparents.

 What do the children think that the main themes of the film are?

He got sent to camp, he taught zero how to read, ran away, became millionaires.

 Who are the more sympathetic/less sympathetic characters?

Zero, Sam (the onion man) and Stanley / Mr Sir, Warden Walker and Dr Pendanski.

 Are there any characters that it is more difficult to make up our minds about?

Armpit, Xray and the other boys. At the beginning they were unkind, but by the end they were Stanley’s friends.

Was the ending of the film what was expected?

I didn’t expect them to turn into millionaires because I thought there was going to be loads of yellow spotted lizards in the chest.

Who were your favourite/least favourite characters? Why?

My favourite character was Zero because he was kind to Stanley and saved him from dying.

My least favourite character was Warden because she had a rude, annoying attitude.

Write a description of your favourite or least favourite character:

Warden Walker

Warden Walker was my least favourite character because she was cruel to the boys and lied to them. She said “It gives you character…” But all she wanted was treasure that her grandpa wanted.

Write descriptive phrases about the camp and boys.


  1. “His mouth was as dry and as parched as the lake” 
  2. “Now he had such a huge smile it almost seemed too big for his face, like the smile of a jack-o’-lantern”
  3. One hundred and ten years ago, Green Lake was the largest lake in Texas. It was full of clear cool water, and it sparkled like a giant emerald in the sun.


  1. “Zero drew a diagram in the dirt.”
  2.  Hot, heavy air.
  3. Stanley seldom seemed satisfied.



  1. Zero was a mole, as he dug his five-foot hole.
  2. Squid was a wounded animal on the inside even though he taunted Stanley about receiving letters from, and writing to his mother.
  3. Magnets fingers were like sticky jam as he stole Mr Sirs sunflower seeds.

Using some of the key phrases collected in Task 2, Write your own Camp Green Lake description. Use similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration.

One hundred and ten years ago, Green Lake was the largest lake in Texas. It was full of clear cool water, and it sparkled like a giant emerald in the sun. Today it is no longer a lake because the rain stopped and the lake said goodbye. It dried up and the people who lived around it moved away. Now the lake is a dry and barren land where the temperature is usually about ninety- five degrees. Camp Green Lake once danced in the heart of Texas but now it is a place where young boys who have made mistakes in the past are sent to. The only place where there is shade is between two trees where there is a hammock. The trees beckoned the campers to its shade. The hammock belongs to the Warden so the campers cannot lie in it. The boys had to dig holes in the desert, Zero was a mole as he dug his five-foot hole. The hot, heavy air made it difficult for them to dig the holes.

Read Chapter 9. Discuss the letter that Stanley writes to his family. Why does he write his sort of letter?

To not scare his mum and make his family upset.

Discuss and plan an extended letter from Stanley to his family telling the truth about the camp. This should be a four-paragraph letter.

Make detailed notes to plan a letter to Stanley’s family.

Write a letter from Stanley to his family telling the truth about the facilities and trying to manipulate their feelings.

Each letter should be 4 paragraphs long:

1 Introduction

2 & 3 Details about the camp and its staff and facilities with evidence to back it up

4 Conclusion and plea for help.

Camp Green Lake


Dear mum,

I hope you dad and grandpa are well and has dad found a formula for non-smelly shoes?

I`ve been at Camp Green Lake for a few days but it isn’t what I expected it to be like. I found out that the lake had actually dried up one hundred and ten years ago and all the civilisation had gone. They exclaimed “the rain stopped, and the lake said goodbye.”

Our punishment for being here is digging holes to strengthen our character but I’m not sure that’s true. When we find things, we tell the staff that we found something then we could potentially get a day off. This makes me think we’re digging for treasure.

The staff are quite bossy here. There is a man called Mr Sir who is very strict. My councillor is named Dr Pendanski and he’s not the kindest. But there’s also this strange woman called Warden Walker who owns the camp. I’ve seen her a few times, but from her personality I am staying far away from her. To be honest, I thought it would be a normal summer camp but it’s not. Here in Texas it is 96 DEGREES! The only shade is between two trees but there is a hammock which belongs to the warden. All the boys are quite tough and have nicknames, they don’t like being called by their first name.

As you know I didn’t steal the shoes so please can you beg the judge to get me released.

Best wishes


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William has been working hard and having lots of fun!

Harry’s story

I woke up…   Everything was black…my ears were ringing… Then suddenly, a creature rose up out of nowhere. It was like a monster from the depths of Hell! It dived at me and then, I sat up screaming and my mum came rushing in, “Harry, what’s wrong?” She asked. “Nightmare again“ I said.

Today was the day of the test, I would finally become someone! Hold on, they say if you wanna tell a story right you gotta start from the beginning.   My name is Harry Jim Quinzel. I am 11 years old and I live with my mum in 4093. In the future basically; well for your generation anyway, you’re currently 2073 years behind us, but that doesn’t matter. (You’ve got a lot of surprises to come and let me tell ya not all of them are nice.) As I was saying, today was test day! Everyone my age was taking it. This test was not ordinary though, it was a test to see what you know so they can program it into your chip. A chip is a tiny microchip that’s ( this may sound gruesome but trust me it’s painless) inserted into your brain and all the stuff you know, gets to go into the chip and the things you don’t know are put into categories onto your personal tablet. Oh and there’s no school so my life is pretty great if you ask me.

I took my hoverboard to the place where we were taking the assessment. As soon as I turn 14 I get a mech. A mech is a two people vehicle – one to operate the legs and one to operate the arms. And when I turn 18, I get a spaceship and it takes 1 person to fly, note this is instead of a “car”. The test was 2 hours long and there was 75 questions but it was ok if you didn’t finish it. As you could go back the next day.

On my way back from the assessment centre I started hearing strange and intriguing noises coming from underground. I deemed it unecessary until the next day when I heard it again on the way to the centre but louder and more ferocious this time. Something was coming, it was Evil I could sense it. As I picked up the pace the sun was blocked out by the clouds casting a gloomy glow over the land. I stumbled backward and  heard a screeching noise then suddenly everything went black.I woke up…  Everything was black…my ears were ringing… Then suddenly, a creature rose up out of nowhere. It was like a monster from the depths of Hell! It dived at me and then I felt a weight in my hand. I looked down to see a magical blade that was glowing blue with energy. In the heat of the moment, I rolled to the side as the monster came crashing down. I dug the blade into the beast’s thick flesh. It screeched with anger and pain. As I ran with the scimitar in my hand I felt faster and more lightweight. I sprinted up the stairs of the centre and the dragon like beast flew my way. I looked under the beast and saw it had an army of people following it. Mum was in there too! I wasn’t just doing this for my country anymore I was doing it for Mum. He must have attacked everyone’s chips. So I had to rip mine out. Luckily for me I saw a youtube video once where a man thought so hard his chip popped out. I knew what I had to do. I thought about Mum and my friends… I didn’t want them to become mindless too… They were MY friends not his ragdolls, Mum was MY mum not his! I thought so hard it Popped straight out and I rushed for the side of the building and leapt… straight for the monster’s brain…

It was 2 days later. I had slain the beast and saved everyone in the process. I finally felt like I had done something in life and now My life is  even better than it was. “Was that another nightmare?” I asked mum


By William Glasspole

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