Welcome back Maple Class

Welcome back to a new year, a new class and an especially warm welcome to those new pupils who have joined Maple Class for Year 6. This week we carried out a maths investigation into the solar system and the distance of each planet from the sun – measured in sheets of toilet paper! We used our understanding of large numbers and rounding skills to help establish the distances, what fun!

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Well Done….

hamishPraise is due to all in Class KB at the end of this busy term as they put the finishing touches to pieces of work and rehearse for our musical Olivia.  We should mention some particularly generous, thoughtful and creative children.

Joe Price, Hamish Henderson, Freyja Piggott and Katherine Bull have each been awarded a Golden Leaf recently.

Alex Malone, has gained his Beginner’s Stage Certificate on Keyboard – the first of many musical achievements no doubt.


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Calshot Day 4 and reflections

Having done the majority of packing on Thursday night, the children got up at the normal time of 7.00am on Friday morning. Bedding had to be left outside each room and then rooms inspected before bags were taken to the lounge. The children did a really good job in packing efficiently and leaving their rooms tidy..

After another big breakfast, the children went off to their activities. With the watersports over for the week, the groups were taking part in trawling, orienteering, shooting, archery, climbing, initiative tests and skiing. Lunch was either a fish filet or fish finger roll with a wide choice of accompaniments.

The afternoon was more of the same before we said our thanks and goodbyes to all the Calshot staff who have been so brilliant throughout the week. We made good progress back to school and arrived at 5.55pm.

From a teacher’s perspective, it was the best of the six trips I’ve been on. The staff, accommodation and food were all fantastic, and the children were challenged throughout the week. Everyone learned something and developed new skills. The children also proved themselves to be tidy, well organised and on time. Here’s to next year!


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Calshot: Day 3

It has been  a mixed day weather-wise at Calshot, but fortunately this has had no impact on the activities. Last night, the majority of children slept through a spectacular thunderstorm and everyone was up and ready for action following another huge Calshot breakfast.

Among the activities taking place today was kayaking, initiative tests, trawling, climbing, shooting, archery and skiing. Some of the highlights included included several children revealing themselves as real sharp shooters on the rifle range, Itai performing some amazing moves on the climbing wall and the trawling group finding a seahorse. This was such a rare discovery that lots of the Calshot staff came to look at what the children had found.

Lunch was very tasty dinner wraps and dinner was meat or veggie bolognese. With less than 24 hours until we leave Calshot, the process of packing has already begun. As I write this the children are either at a games evening or preparing for the egg drop.

Quote of the day from Katie Laker: “I saw Mr Stanley in his swimsuit and it was hilarious!”


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Calshot: Day 2

The expected first night disruptions never materialised. The children were all so tired that everyone was asleep by 10.00pm and no-one was up and about before 7.00am.

This morning was a bit misty and drizzly, but still fairly warm. Everybody had a big breakfast. There was a choice of bacon, sausage (and a veggie option) scrambled eggs, beans, hash browns, plus toast, yoghurt, cereals and fruit. This was followed by room inspections where apparently there were a lot of tidy rooms (parents take note!). After that groups were taking part in sailing, kayaking, orienteering, skiing, initiative tests and archery. Lunch was a choice of sausage roll or a cheese and potato pasty with all sorts of potato and pasta options to go alongside them.

This afternoon saw lots more action with more skiing, cycling, kayaking and sailing taking place before everybody met just before six for dinner. On the menu tonight was roast beef plus a veggie option.

Tonight, half the children are taking part in an egg drop challenge while the other half are experiencing rushing rockets. We had enough time for a brief circle time where the children talked about the activities that they had enjoyed so far. The overriding sense that we got from all of them was that they were really enjoying things that they hadn’t done before particularly when they discovered that they were quite good at them.

Tonight should be a very quiet night, there’s lots of tired children already. Tomorrow should be another full-on, but exciting day


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